5 Reasons you need New Domain Extensions

New domain extensions

New domain extensions are here if you are still skeptical about it, don’t worry it’s a matter of time, to get used to it like the dot com and dot org extensions we have been using for a while. But it's about time we change gear and take the next lane as the internet has gained its balance and about to be on autopilot.

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Everywhere you go, it’s the talk about the new domain extensions which give you more rooms to maneuver and take charge of your internet business. If you are still in doubt if this will make you feel good and secure like the “.com” extension you have to know a long time now, here are five reasons to feel at home with the new domain extensions.

  1. Better SEO
    SEO drives your online experience and help both entrepreneurs and web searchers get what they want from the internet. There is nothing more appropriate in SEO crafting than being able to focus of what best describes your business of subject. With the new domain extension, you can best say what niche you are, and it will help your prospective customers to have an idea of what you do just by looking at your domain.


  1. Availability
    Have you noticed a situation when you want to register your domain and being asked to submit like three names just in case one name is not available the other will be used? That is what you get mostly from the old, limited dot com domain system. The new TLD offers an unlimited possibility of getting your domain registered without being rejected because it is no available.


  1. Meaningful domain extension
    The new domain extension creates the opportunity to make a significant domain extension that is self-explanatory with no further explaining. A television broadcasting service can use a.TV which tells the traffic this is about television services. A teacher can use a name that ends in .teacher which tells whoever searching the web this is a teaching job. You do not have such pleasure or luxury with the .com naming system. You can use tools domains name generator to help you find a meaningful extension for your domain!


  1. No penalty from Google
    The fear of Google drives many internet entrepreneurs to be careful when using the old domain extension, especially with their SEO. But the new domain extension does not incur the wrath of Google. Google has explained there is no difference between the new and old system they are all treated equally, so you don’t get penalized for using it. Google is also a Domain Registrant and understands how the new domain extension works.


  1. Better recognition
    Celebrities and accomplished individuals who enjoy great following can choose to get a TLD for branding purpose. The motor company General Motors created a .green TLD and the individual and co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei; a tech guru created a TLD .tech to have a domain extension in his domain carl.tech. You too can use the new domain extension structure to gain popularity and more recognition in your business and personal life.

Marketing opportunity

If everything else fails, the fact that the new TLD can impact your marketing opportunity is enough reason to go for it. You don’t need much explaining to tell people who you are and what you do. With a domain extension crafted to become a unique sales pitch that tells your customers who you are and what you do, the door of sales is wide open for you to explore with the new domain extension. The ability of the individual to create something unique within the system will go a long way to making the difference.

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